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title: The "Lil Wet Brush" review
date: Wednesday, January 28, 2015
time : 7:49 PM

I don't have a habit of combing my hairs for many years 

as I really hate it ESP after shampoo my hairs, I will get those giant tangled knots after coming out of the shower. 

This is most girls’ problems right! 

I have hair almost down to my waist and it is thick n' wavy, so it is badly and easily tangled, I always shed ridiculous amounts of hairs whenever I comb my hairs with other brushes/ even big wide tooth combs. 

Not only that, it hurts my scalp

Same for both my daughters, whose hair is long, thick and with many damaged strands from all the pulling they got from other combs - their hair get tangles and break easily. They have a very tender scalp and so brushing or combing her hair isn’t my favorite thing to do, they will be whining about getting their hair tugged on when they have a tangle and many times they cries when my helper/I comb their hair, even though we try to be really gentle.

And so this brush has been a god-sent hair-saver for my daughters and me.

I only started to comb my hair daily after my BFF, Valerie, gifted this “Lil Wet Brush” to me a few months back to try. She got it from one of the beauty shop near her place. 

I must said this squirt size “Lil Wet Brush” is so freaky amazing n' awesome that I quickly got my bff to help me buy again and also get few more so I can gift it to my BFFs to try 

and almost all of their feedback were very good!! 

Ever since then, it makes the combing of my girls' hair a breeze, no more of their screaming of pain.

This Wet Brush does not pull/tug at my hair, damage my strands and shed lot of hairs the way other brushes do, yet the bristles are able to detangle any knot on my entire hairs with EASE, from root to tip. 
The bristles aren't stubborn and firm! It has the, thin, strong and very brilliance INTELLIFLEXibility of the bristles - flexible on one stroke and firm on the next, that doesn't pull/tug and yet it can run smoothly through the hair and detangles virtually pain free with its softips.  
Ours hair won't shed and break as much!!!

I’m also now able to brush my daughters’ hair relatively quickly and painlessly. It was so gentle on the hair and scalp and makes the combing and detangling the hair knots really a breeze. No pulling and it just went thought the hair, getting rid of the knots very quickly.

-          For all types of hairs: great for wet hair right out of the shower or dry, thick or thin, curly or straight; the tangles come out easily

-          Boasting less damage and pain-free combing than other combs/brushes

-          Very handy and portable, great for keeping one in the bag  

-          Suitable for wigs and extensions also.

-          It has SofTips, which are twice dipped, ultra soft and hence to be extra gentle, ideal for sensitive scalps.


So this is even so much better than the “Hair Bean” brush that I tried before, really can’t fight with this. Valerie actually bought a Regular size one for me too. But that is not as good as this Squirt size which we love most

We all LOVE the Lil Wet Brush! 
 I truly feel that this is a must-have product for all women and mother whose daughter with a hair length. 

And no more troubling of my friend to help me get this Wet Brush. 
Cause just last week, I saw that they were selling in Watsons now, and I were so happily bought another 4 right off the rack (one for myself in my daily bag, one for placing at my in-law house when we stay overnight and another 2 to keep). 

It comes in different material and pretty colors like pink, purple, yellow, green is just a bonus. 
  And I think the price is reasonable

cause... promo! promo…. selling 2 at the price of $16.35 @Watsons (super bargain!).

My daughters review......

Highly recommended! 

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