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title: [21 Aug 14] My #1 turns 8
date: Thursday, August 21, 2014
time : 1:42 AM

Surprise birthday cake for my #1. 

Your 1st birthday is also my 1st birthday for as a mom and today is our 8th birthday! 

You're the one that changed my life and because of u, I learnt that I must love myself more than anything else before I can love anyone else. 

This is the way to ...to know how to love someone more than myself. 
You are too amazing. 

Happy Birthday my dearest daughter!! 
mommy loves you always and ever.

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title: My journey to work
date: Monday, August 18, 2014
time : 10:31 AM

This morning sending my girl to school. 

Though is tiring but I'll surely miss it; having someone accompany me to work and back home from work to pass the long traveling rides with me for so many yrs and in another 4 months more after she enters P1. 

I'll be all alone 😪 

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title: You don't have to try so hard
date: Friday, August 08, 2014
time : 5:07 PM

Love the message of the song

you shouldn't have to try so hard to make people like you... If they like you, they will with or without the make-up....

Seems to be to inspire those who are struggling to find themselves beautiful and to impress others.

I can’t believe that I read that peoples who has makeup on 24/7, (even at home or maybe except when they are sleeping), trying not to let someone see them without it irl. That’s to me would be hiding true self and I feel bad for women who do that.
I myself also do get tired of the need to put on make-up and dressed up if that I do it too often, even though my work very seldom or never needs me to. The need to wake up early in the morning is already so tiring and if still need to put on and remove the makeup everyday can really piss me off, I would rather spend the 15 mins to sleep slightly longer. Though I look extremely sick and haggard due to my genetic tear trough (it’s really bad), but I never feel there is a need to put on makeup 24/7 in order for one to walk out of the house to face the world.

That’s too tiring!

I do love how make up could enhance my features and making me feel pretty but I feel more comfortable without makeup; I show my bare face half the time because I'm lazy and to waste time on that and would rather want people to see me as I am. 

I'm not afraid of it.

Embrace who you are all around as everyone is beautiful in their own way with or without color on your face.

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title: Aisleyne's Hair Jam
date: Saturday, July 12, 2014
time : 11:30 AM

Haha...made this video, Aisleyne's Hair Jam Version.
 It was so fun!

Watch till the end...the last pic; she got a shock and was so angry upon looking into the mirror after I did her hair and took a pic of it but then within secs, she burst out laughing at it 

haha, yeah naughty mommy...

That's how we spent our days alway, playing and laughing. I can be mean, I can be fun to play with. 😝

Hope you enjoy!
I'll be back to blog more soon!
Happy Saturday!

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title: Mookata Thai-style BBQ steamboat @ MooJaa
date: Monday, June 30, 2014
time : 4:52 PM

Bffs and I  went to try out MooJaa, a Mookata restaurant located along Keong Saik Road (nearest MRT - Outram MRT Exit H, the purple line). 
The last time I have Mookata is almost 2 years back at Tom Yum Kungfu in Circular Road, that was before I started eat clean. I love Mookata coz I can get to enjoy both barbeque and hot pot at the same time. 

helped to make the reservation via hungrygowhere’s reservation hotline and received a sms and email confirmation shortly. 

My girl spent a day at my work place together with my colleague's kids

learning spelling whilst I'm busy with my office's work

It’s a hot day on a Friday, after our work. 
We are all sweating on the way walking to MooJaa but the moment we stepped in, wow I like it coz we’re greeted with their strong air-conditioning.  

Super shiok lol~

We were sent to our table which the menu already placed on the table.

There are 4 different Mookata sets for us to choose as follows;

without thinking any longer, we chose the Ala Carte Buffet which costed each of us only $40.70 nett for free flow of all ala carte items, with one premium meat; choice of one plate of Kurobuta Pork or Angus Beef per diner. We chose the Chicken and Pork Broth while Tom Yum Soup Base is available too. We also get free flow drink and best we were allowed to change to another drink we want too.

My younger girl also get to enjoys free meal with free flow drink for her too. 
Super worth it for me coz Aisleyne has adult appetite so which mean I paid the price of 1 for 2 pax. 
So next time I wanna bring both my kids, pay the price of 1 for 3 pax. 

Smart right Lol~

they also served cooked Thai dishes, such as Phad Thai noodle, green curry and tom yum soup.

The trays of ingredients for our mookata meal were soon brought to the table

They served really quality ingredients like meats included Kurobuta Pork Collar Slice and U.S Angus Beef Slice (I don’t eat beef though) and seafood like Hokkaido Scallops and Surimi Crab Sticks, together with Boneless Chicken Slice, Pork Fillet, Pork Belly, Clam, squid, cheese ball, Tou fu,  hot dog, fish skin, golden mushroom, mixed vegetables etc for us to choose and it all looked and tasted so fresh!

Heard that their meats are special marinated and together with their broth is MSG free

Shortly after, the waiter came with a dome-shaped grill with a soup trough and has it sits over charcoal embers. He then helped us prepare the first round BBQ hotpot

First, he placed a piece of pork lard on the center-top of the domed grill.

Whilst waiting for the pork lard to melt, he filled the boiling broth in the trough with ingredients such as the mixed vegetables, crab stick, abalone, cheese tou fu, pork balls, scallop and golden mushroom.

  he then greased the pork lard all over the dome, so that when you place the meats and seafood onto the dome, the meat will not stick to it and burn, it also add some fragrance to the BBQ meats.


this is how they arranged

Whlist waiting for the ingredients to be cooked, yah not forgetting to take a group photo

and munching on this Fish Skin dipped in their sauces. 

It's crispy and addictive that my girl love it, she ate so many of it before we start eating the BBQ and steamboat food. We also has the Cheese Balls served hot to our table which they can be eaten right away whilst waiting.

Cleared the first round and ooh-laa we can start BBQing and steamboating.
We were all kept busy chatting and BBQ trying to make space to place more food on the small domes and prevent the foods from sliding into the broth trough. Lol~
You can see that the lard oil plus the the juices from the marinated meat will then slowly drips from the dome down to the broth, making the broth tastier.

The meats are perfectly browned and we were happy that it doesn't get burnt easily like what we'd experienced in Kinoshita (Jap-style BBQ) which we ended up throwing and wasting most of our food.

So my first experience with MooJaa was great.  
Though we ate for 2hours+, but we didn't feel hot and sweaty at all and the ventilation was good so we doesn't smell as bad as when we have mookata in Tom Yum Kungfu in Circular Road and Happy Mookata in Golden Mile
The spread of buffet set is wide ranged, very reasonable price paying at only $40.70 nett/pax and overall, the food are very fresh and tasty. 

Worth to give it a try !!

MooJaa, Mookata Thai BBQ Steamboat
Address: 25 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089132
Reservation Contact
 +65 6536 4780 (MooJaa)

+65 6884 6884 (Hungrygowhere Reservation Hotline)
Instagram: http://instagram.com/moojaa_mookata
Right back home to this, to cleanse the system after the sinful meal.

also a daily must have even on my eat clean diet.

Heard how much I raved about them, my sister-in-law and relatives asked me to bring them there one day and yeah reservation made.

There goes my eat clean diet for a day again.


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