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date: Monday, February 09, 2015
time : 3:53 PM

Just as you know the Singapore Valentine Vendetta, No.1 Singles Party is back again for the 5th year! 

They're turning up the heat with back-to-back games with prizes worth up to $10,000. And also get a chance to win a 3D2N stay at the Enigma Bali Villas, chic and classic pieces from Wang Meng Art & Design, Dream Drive experience in a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, spa packages from Huang Ah Ma - The Oriental Spa Chamber and many more. 

Valentine Vendetta is happening on this coming Saturday, 14 February, 6pm – 12am at F.Club. 

 Hence, be sure you’re here to celebrate this ultimate Valentine’s experience @ F.Club Singapore, with interesting and like-minded people, exciting games and prizes. 


With courtesy of Creative Insurgence, their organizers are offering 2 pairs of Valentine Vendetta 2015 party tickets worth SGD$60 to my readers and followers. 

To win your tickets, simply tell me: 
 “Tell us why you should win tickets to the No.1 Single’s party in Singapore?” 

so EMAIL me now (deadline 11 Feb 15, 12pm) - - - - - > to e_ling05@hotmail.com 
Include: your name, NRIC and contact no. 

I’ll select the best answer and winner will be notified by the 11th via email. 

**Collection of the tickets from Creative Insurgence, by 13 February 2015 (Friday) between 11am - 7pm 

Here is more information about the event: 

Date : Saturday, 14 February 2014 
Time : 6.00PM to 12.00AM 
Venue : f.Club Singapore 3B River Valley Road. Clarke Quay, The Foundry. #01-08, Singapore 179021 

For more information and details about the event, please visit their page at:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ValentineVendetta
Site: http://www.vday.sg/


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title: The "Lil Wet Brush" review
date: Wednesday, January 28, 2015
time : 7:49 PM

I don't have a habit of combing my hairs for many years 

as I really hate it ESP after shampoo my hairs, I will get those giant tangled knots after coming out of the shower. 

This is most girls’ problems right! 

I have hair almost down to my waist and it is thick n' wavy, so it is badly and easily tangled, I always shed ridiculous amounts of hairs whenever I comb my hairs with other brushes/ even big wide tooth combs. 

Not only that, it hurts my scalp

Same for both my daughters, whose hair is long, thick and with many damaged strands from all the pulling they got from other combs - their hair get tangles and break easily. They have a very tender scalp and so brushing or combing her hair isn’t my favorite thing to do, they will be whining about getting their hair tugged on when they have a tangle and many times they cries when my helper/I comb their hair, even though we try to be really gentle.

And so this brush has been a god-sent hair-saver for my daughters and me.

I only started to comb my hair daily after my BFF, Valerie, gifted this “Lil Wet Brush” to me a few months back to try. She got it from one of the beauty shop near her place. 

I must said this squirt size “Lil Wet Brush” is so freaky amazing n' awesome that I quickly got my bff to help me buy again and also get few more so I can gift it to my BFFs to try 

and almost all of their feedback were very good!! 

Ever since then, it makes the combing of my girls' hair a breeze, no more of their screaming of pain.

This Wet Brush does not pull/tug at my hair, damage my strands and shed lot of hairs the way other brushes do, yet the bristles are able to detangle any knot on my entire hairs with EASE, from root to tip. 
The bristles aren't stubborn and firm! It has the, thin, strong and very brilliance INTELLIFLEXibility of the bristles - flexible on one stroke and firm on the next, that doesn't pull/tug and yet it can run smoothly through the hair and detangles virtually pain free with its softips.  
Ours hair won't shed and break as much!!!

I’m also now able to brush my daughters’ hair relatively quickly and painlessly. It was so gentle on the hair and scalp and makes the combing and detangling the hair knots really a breeze. No pulling and it just went thought the hair, getting rid of the knots very quickly.

-          For all types of hairs: great for wet hair right out of the shower or dry, thick or thin, curly or straight; the tangles come out easily

-          Boasting less damage and pain-free combing than other combs/brushes

-          Very handy and portable, great for keeping one in the bag  

-          Suitable for wigs and extensions also.

-          It has SofTips, which are twice dipped, ultra soft and hence to be extra gentle, ideal for sensitive scalps.


So this is even so much better than the “Hair Bean” brush that I tried before, really can’t fight with this. Valerie actually bought a Regular size one for me too. But that is not as good as this Squirt size which we love most

We all LOVE the Lil Wet Brush! 
 I truly feel that this is a must-have product for all women and mother whose daughter with a hair length. 

And no more troubling of my friend to help me get this Wet Brush. 
Cause just last week, I saw that they were selling in Watsons now, and I were so happily bought another 4 right off the rack (one for myself in my daily bag, one for placing at my in-law house when we stay overnight and another 2 to keep). 

It comes in different material and pretty colors like pink, purple, yellow, green is just a bonus. 
  And I think the price is reasonable

cause... promo! promo…. selling 2 at the price of $16.35 @Watsons (super bargain!).

My daughters review......

Highly recommended! 

Star rating:

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title: Natural Skincare Regimen - Oil Cleansing Method
date: Sunday, January 25, 2015
time : 10:48 PM

I still receive coming email & msg for this.

Really really sorry for the long wait for those who had emailed me about your interest to join in my next order to share on the shipping cost for the order of this Natural Unrefined Cold-pressed Avocado Oil. 

This bottle of Avocado Oil really last me a long way...so that's why - but wait no more, cause I'm gonna place order to try Castor oil from GOW, for use as Deep Cleansing with this - using Oil Cleansing Method to deep cleanse my pores to help clear my really stubborn closed comedones which have been there for years.

I have been using this Avocado Oil as a night anti-aging moisturizer to balance the production of skin's natural oil secretion, hence this also do very well to prevent acnes too.

A month ago, my skin goes a little hormone-crazy again, overproduction of sebum (I got to watch my diet and lifestyle again), but this time unlike the past, I got almost ZERO breakouts from it, but quite a number of new whiteheads appeared. Believed is the help of avocado oil, it doesn't turn that horribly into acnes. 

For the fact: Oil dissolves oil. 

So 2 weeks ago, I decided to try on OCM - basic cleansing using avocado oil. And the result amazed me again, those whiteheads got smaller and smaller then gone.

The Basic Cleansing OCM protocol I followed....

Choose an natural oil that work best for you, unrefined cold-pressed  jojoba, grapeseed, hazelnut, olive, and avocado oils are all good options.  

Lay a hot washcloth over my face to open up the pores. Pour oil into the palm. Rub over my face in a circular motion for over a minute then I leave it for around 10 mins.

Then I lay a hot washcloth over my face again. Wait until it cools, then repeat 2 to 3 times. With this, the steam draws out the loosened impurities from the pores. Gently wipe away the remaining oil. 

Lastly, I lay a cool washcloth over my face to close the pores. 


I still have those really old stubborn closed comedones though, that's why I'm tempted to try OCM - deep cleansing now.

So friends here who had emailed me to join my order, I will reply your email tomorrow, so do check your mail and reply me with your order. Let me know if you don't receive my reply by Wednesday yay ;)

Ps. What works for me, may not work for you. There are many reviews and info around. Do read up more about it before decide whether to give it a try. 

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title: Quick update: Coping with homework stress and busy schedule
date: Monday, January 19, 2015
time : 5:16 PM

I really really wanna update this space more often like the past 
but even the spare time I have, is not enough!

So here, a quick one again...

Ever since Aisleyne was in Primary 1, I need to spend even more time than usual on their schoolwork. Most of the time at home; after work and on a weekend, before n' after our usual family's weekend activities, I need to be seated in with the kids for long hours coaching their schoolwork.

Getting burned out all days! 

I know beginning is always the hardest and understand that schoolwork is often the most difficult part of the child’s busy schedule. 

I hope as it goes, everything will turn out to be better. 

For now, Aisleyne is really struggled with a writing disability, she requires a close guidance and monitoring which made the work and the amount of time required feel unending at times - both to her and to me. 

  I know children are all different in how they feel about and approach homework and I can’t possibly coped teaching 2 of my kids at a time especially during weekdays (with just that 1 or 2 hours for so many homework to guide) after back from work, so husband got to step in and took on the responsibility in helping with our elder girl, Amabel for her subjects. 

It helped the routine become more consistent and effective for our girls. 

.... that has always been me, strict and firm in whatever

And all the while, Hus has been taking the responsibility in teaching Amabel for her Maths since Primary 1 because she is very weak in Maths! I don’t know why and no matter how I explained to her, she just doesn’t get it. 

I was frustrated; losing my cool and when I’m….Amabel got frightened and stressed out. This is likely not going to help her get the work done and learned, Hus is definitely much more patience than me and hence the better person to take on the responsibilities “teaching” her. But often, I still need to step in to monitor, teach and get her to be more discipline and learn for her Maths. 

But one thing that is great about Amabel is that she is a self-motivated child, who came home, bathes, has her meal, sat down and dug into their homework. When we are back and for their homework time, we just need to check and teach her on those difficult one. 

It is really a struggle for Aisleyne because she’s studying afternoon session, back home bathe, dinner and has to start doing her homework already. So if her sister finishes her homework more quickly, I have to get her to be respectful of her sister by doing non-disruptive activities quietly.

 — but well even with this division of labor with Hus, we still had to make adjustments to our schedules, our lives and our expectations to make sure our kids turned it in on time.
We also have to manage and plan our time really well even on a weekend now. 
 @Jurong East Big Box

Now our Saturday meetup time with friends is always late afternoon but Amabel will be engaged in tuition.

just me and Aisleyne on the past Saturday, on the way to meet Meiqi, Sereen and their boys  

 So I need to make up for her on a Sunday where I will plan something for kids again and keep them away from books for hours to relax and reward them with fun activities with their friends and cousin.

   @ East Coast Park with cousin and sis-in-law
psst...i hope I have the time to blog on this soon too
HOMEwork is really a chore for both the child and parent. 
I thought both girls are now bigger, required less care but nope! In fact, I’m busier now when both are in primary school. Lol~

And to make the learning a breeze, I set a clear expectation around homework time and their responsibilities. I get them to know that I expected them to get the work done on time and to try their best, the best of their abilities. 

They should take control and know that homework is another part of their daily responsibilities, and my responsibility is to guide them, make suggestion, support them through the challenging tasks, and teach them about personal responsibility only. 

Same for checking their time-timetable daily and knowing what to pack for their own school bag for the next day. Aisleyne is still learning it now, since she’s just into her 3rd week in primary school. So far, she has adapted to primary school culture and her writing ability is slowly improving and able to write her words neatly and be responsible in her schoolwork and get thing done without throwing tantrum.

Have a little fun in between, adding in break time for kids and we took a vlog

lots of pics in my cameras and I hope I can be back soon again to blog about their first week of school.

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title: Aisleyne' vlog again
date: Wednesday, January 07, 2015
time : 12:20 AM

Her vlog again~


She came back telling me what she had received today from her P6 'buddy' who she was paired with during her first 3 days' recess-time.
So sweet~
the buddy was always there to watch over as she buys her food and then shepherd her along to find me after that. So I can at least get to give her a hug and talk to her.

Thank you to Aryaan (class 6C)!!

And she went mentioning in the vid above that she wanna do a video on mommy's makeup items.
She insisted me to let her do one, and yes she did it after

Really laugh die me..

How she knows most of these!!?!
And nope, I didn't apply anything on her eyes or face pior to this and she said I will wash it off for her later...
Is like....what?! Did I?!
Omg.... Haha

But so funny la.....
her show and tell is pretty good yay,  I really hope she can do well for her school one.

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Blogger JOYCELYN QUEK said...

hi there!

this is joycelyn from samplestore, a member of the singpost group.

currently, we are on a lookout for mommy bloggers to join our blogging community as we are expanding into samplestore kids as well!

you can check our website out at samplestore.com.

do drop me an email at joycelynquek@singpost.com so that I can further elaborate on the opportunities we have for you.

thank you!

p.s. you're a very pretty mom! :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 10:55:00 PM  
Blogger Apple Toh said...

Hi Joycelyn,

Thanks. Emailed you! :)


Tuesday, January 20, 2015 4:28:00 PM  

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title: Lego Robotics Class @ Thinking Tap
date: Tuesday, December 30, 2014
time : 5:47 PM

LEGO ROBOTICS is incredibly fun!”, my girls said, after her lesson at Thinking Tap

All children love Lego isn’t it?! 

If you walk into the LEGO shops, there are several product lines within LEGO. The popular series include Legends of Chima, City, Star Wars, Lego Technic etc, these are also the familiar ones for me, as I often bought LEGO as a present for my friends’ kids. There is even some of the LEGO models come with the LEGOPower Functions elements (Battery Box, Remote Control and Motors) to allow the models to come to life. 

Interesting right?! 

Even adults can get crazy over it.

My girls too, enjoy playing their friends' LEGO tremendously as they get to build a set / model and get so please with themselves when they were done. But well, I never bought a set for them to play with due to the price and I do feel that it was a waste of money as I not sure whether they will constantly play with their sets or just leave it there after to collect dust. I do change my mind after their Lego Robotics lesson @ Thinking Tap, cause LEGO is not just about follow the instruction and assembly the bricks, it is beyond that. 

So, why Lego Robotics?

Robotics creates a constant opportunity to solve problems. The use of Lego bricks with the combination of engineering and software, problems and solutions creates a dynamic environment that helps children develop problem-solving skills which involve math, physics, engineering and logic as they work toward tangible goals. 

Through building these Lego Robotic models, I can see that kids will be exposed to mechanic concepts and problem solving skill beyond their level. Thanks to ThinkingTap for the opportunity to let my girls to explore and get hand-on experience with Robotics, programming and constructive problem solving !

So we are here today, heading off for their Lego Robotics class @ Yishun

In their Robotic lesson, they not only work/play with the LEGO, they learn very useful skills such as computer programming (basic one first for a beginner) and was encouraged to think, analyze situations and it also offers them a unique intellectual experience to identify problems, look for solutions (problem solving). 

So that’s why I wanna share more info and spread the awareness of Robotics with parents here.

@thinkingtap Robotic class, the class may be of different ages and levels- like for Aisleyne, she will be in Kinder  (Level 1) and Foundation (level 2) for Amabel, but they keep the class size really small, in order to provide specialized attention to all their students. They use different Lego Robotics Sets for different age groups too. 

Both my girls were then each given an individual set of material (robot). Each session has its learning objectives and students will assemble a different type of robot in each session. The student will build his/her own robot and learning at his/her pace and guided by the really friendly, dedicated and patience trainer, Mr Koh. My girls as a beginner, they were taught and focus on developing building skills and also being taught basic programming using simple graphical based software. 

There was also a simple mission and challenge to test. 

During the lesson, my girls were taught to assemble the parts and will then use software to program the robot to undertake tasks set by the trainer.  

* check it out the photos slides below*

For my younger girl, Aisleyne, she was introduced to the Lego Wedo robotics kits and simple EV3 robots. Kinder  (Level 1), it provides them a fun and intuitive way to appreciate and learn robotics as well as simple programming. 

*photos slides*

Computer Literacy

  • Powering on and off a computer
  • Basic navigation through Window
  • Use of keyboard and mouse
  • Operating a simple program

Computer Programming Skills

  • graphical programming software - WeDo software

LEGO Construction Skills

  • Simple LEGO design and construction
  • Fine motor skills

She learnt to hook up the robots to the computer via the supplied USB hub and program the robots actions, response and sounds. 

*photos slides*

 1st Robotics model she tried - Spinning Birds

She was started with the Spinning Birds model which provided a great introduction to pulleys, gears and the WeDo software. Her first experience was curious and the real excitement came the moment when she clicked on the start icon on the program and to her surprise, the spinning birds spring to life, it is spinning and even chirping.  
*photos slides*

 2nd Robotics model she did - Smart Spinner

The class supposed to end soon but she asked the trainer to let her do another model. 

She loves and enjoys it!!

  At first, I am still worrying whether she will be able to complete it as she has really short attention span and it is hard to get her sit down patiently for long and will get ants into pant but surprisingly she sat throughout. And when I saw her joyful smiles and gleeful laughter when seeing each of the models she did came to life. 

 It was a great moment. 

*photos slides*

3rd Robotics model she did - Drumming Monkey

For my elder girl Amabel, Foundation (level 2) she was taught using the LEGO Mindstorm/EV3 model as a platform

Topics covered include graphical based programming and basic motor movement control and program robots to move in different directions and respond to sensors inputs.

Computer  Programming Skills

  • Introduction to Graphical Based Programming
  • Types of Robot Movement (by Rotation and by Timing)
  • Accurate Movement Control
  • Basic Troubleshooting Methods

Construction Skills

  • Structural Design
  • Speed and Drive Precision
  • Creating a bumper in front of robot  
*photos slides*
1st Robotics model she tried

*photos slides*
2nd Robotics model she did - Grasshopper

She so loves it and even asking whether she can bring it home.

 Also, during the lesson, I saw them figure something out for themselves. 

 I noticed when they had difficulty envisioning the placement of some of the pieces; they made some errors and when they could not quite continue to the subsequent steps, they backtracked and managed to figure it where they went wrong. They were so pleased with themselves when they managed to done with it. 

I feel that robotics is really about 'Minds and hands', and that every kid should have a chance to be exposed to it at least once in their lives.

Also nowadays most schools (Primary, Secondary, JC) in Singapore offer Robotics as a co-curricular activity (CCA). If your kids are interested in LEGO, robotics is a CCA that I strongly encourage them to join. Not only do they get to work with LEGO, they learn very useful life skills such as computer programming and problem solving. These students also compete in several robotics competitions every year, and here Thinking tap does offering this Special level to prepare students for competitions also.

So, if you will like to see if your kids are interested in doing LEGO robotics, they have a range of classes at Thinking Tap from beginner to advance levels that runs every week.

Your child can attend their 2-hrs trial session before decide to sign up for the course or can attend their Holiday Robotics Workshop, call them to check for 2015 holiday workshop too

Thanks Thinking Tap and our trainer, Mr Koh once again for the fun and fabulous experience

You can visit them @ the following

Instagram: @thinkingtap / http://instagram.com/thinkingtap/

Thinking Tap Robotics Central @ Yen's Tuition Centre

** (Conduct of regular weekend class available here)

Block 150A, Bishan Street 11,
#01-173, Singapore 571150

Thinking Tap Robotics North @ Jumpstart Interactive Learning 

** (Conduct of regular weekend class available here)

Blk 102, Yishun Ave 5
#02-131, Singapore 760102

Thinking Tap Robotics West @ Yen's Tuition Centre

West Coast Community Centre,
2 Clementi West Street 2,
#01-03, Singapore 129605

Thinking Tap Robotics East @ Study Connection Education Pte Ltd

Block 473, Tampines Street 43,
#02-98, Singapore 520473

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