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title: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival '中秋节快乐'
date: Monday, September 08, 2014
time : 9:13 PM

Homemade assorted mooncake again 
5 different flavour; Lotus seed, Pandan seed, dark chocolate lotus, fresh durian and taro yam... finally all done yesterday. 

Spending my sat and sun doing these to give out to parent, in-law for praying today and to my cousin again and woke up this morning with hands' joints and muscles aching from all the kneading. 

Too much time and efforts to make the real durian flesh and fresh taro/yam mooncakes but all turn out super yummy. What an achievement, but I didn't eat much cause need to be on healthy diet, poor hubby who don't really eat mooncake has been trying out and ate most of the mooncake in the fridge and my 2 baobeis are loving the mooncake which are made with love by the mommy also with the best help of my 2 bffs 😄
Everyone was praying and offering... looking to the beautiful moon ever

Here on Lantern festival...
Wish everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn festival 

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title: Algenist Algae Brightening Mask
time : 12:34 AM

Pampering skin before bedtime. 
My 2nd tub; another HG clay mask of mine.

I use this mask one or twice a week.
The texture was thick and a bit like the 'Glamglow supermub' feeling and like exfoliating my skin when washing it off, leaving my skin feeling refreshing and it smell fresh like a cucumber smell.

I apply a thin and even layer of this Algae Brightening Mask on my cleansed and dry skin. leave it on  for 10 mins and rinse it off using warm water, follows with cool purified water.
Pat dry with bare hands, follows with usual night skincare.

 Love this cause it leaves my skin looking instantly and visibly brighten, more even tone complexion, skin feeling soft and smooth and most important hydrated. It absorbs excess oil without over-drying my skin and won't leave my skin feeling tight at all. It didn't break my skin out or anything too.

this mask did wonders on my skin
I rate this 4.5 out of 5 stars 👍

Star rating:

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Monday, September 08, 2014 8:43:00 PM  

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title: Random post for today
date: Friday, September 05, 2014
time : 5:21 PM

How I normally look at work. 
they said I look fierce and unfriendly because of my eyes and brows
 and I like to frown when I get too serious hahahahaha

Look at my very bad bad bad undereyes tear trough and uneven skintone when not covered.
Please share with me in the comment, if you know any remedies (eye creams or undereyes exercise) to undereyes tear tough. 
But don't tell me filler, cause I knew but won't go for it.

I wear spec to work always; I feel comfortable in spec and it can camouflage slightly my very bad tear trough! I actually hate wearing contact lenses and I hate wearing long hours of makeup. 

Now just can't wait to knockoff cause meeting friend for healthy 'Real Food' dinner. She actually suggested 'Real Food' cause she knows I prefer to eat healthily even when out. 
Great friend yay! Hehe

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title: Easy-to-make Snowskin Mooncake
date: Tuesday, September 02, 2014
time : 12:27 PM

Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节) is just around the corner on 8th September 2014. Are you looking for some simple recipe for mooncake?

Our very successful first attempt on these Lotus Paste mooncakes.

I had shared these mini mooncakes with my friends and colleagues in the office.
Too happy to receive many compliments, they feedback that the taste is great and wanna the recipe and learn from me.

Anyway, this is not my recipe but printed in the Redman Snowskin premix packaging itself.
BFF, von shared this to us after she tried this out and we and bestie Sz, decided to get together on 8 Aug to make mooncake for this year again with this recipe.

If you are still looking for easy and nice recipe for mooncake, try this out cause it is a really simple Snow Skin Mooncake recipe and the result is so presentable and the taste is so good. Even my parent and FIL are so impress, taste as good as those selling outside. 

They are so pretty too!

To buying ingredients and equipments
You can get mooncake ingredients and equipments from Phoon Huat, a one-stop specialty baking store.
I love shopping at their newer branch:

Phoon Huat at Buona Vista
100 North Buona Vista, #02-01 Buona Vista MRT Station, Singapore 139345
Tel: 6776 0153
Fax: 6777 9181

Operation hours
10:00am to 10:00pm daily (Monday - Sunday)
Closed on Eve to 3rd day of Chinese New year

You can see the rest of their branch location here 
One of my trips to Phoon Huat at Buona Vista, so near to my work place

Different ready-made fillings to choose

You can give it a try! 
These are what you need

Ingredients for Pandan Snow Skin :
500gm               [Red Man] Snow Skin Premix
100gm               [Red Man] Shortening
220gm               Purified Water / Cool boiled water

Half teaspoon     [Red Man] Pandan Flavored Paste and colouring  
 -Use other Flavored paste and coloring for different filling
- I bought those that come with flavour and colour as one.
Small bowl         Kou Fen (cooked glutinous rice flour)

Ingredients for Lotus Seed Filing :
500gm                [Redman] Lotus Paste - ready-made filling
-                         [Redman]Winter melon seed - add the amount to your liking

Method :
(1) Add half teaspoon of Pandan Flavored Paste and coloring into the 220gm water –  so the coloring is easier to mix in to get a uniformly coloured dough, do this step first only if you are making one flavor and colour of snowskin mooncake.

(2) Pour the whole pack 500gm of ‘Snowskin Premix’ in a big mixing bowl.

(3) Then add in the prepared water, mix well

(4) Add in shortening and knead everything well till an even mixture soft dough is formed. Make sure there are no more lumps.
(*5) Come to this step only if making different flavor and coloring of snowskin dough, divide the dough from step (4) into equal portion, add coloring drops, a little at a time to get the desired coloring level and knead the dough with your hands until I get a uniformly colored dough.

(6) Cover the dough(s) in mixing bowl with a damp clean cloth, set aside to rest in the fridge for 20 mins before used.

(7) Whilst waiting for the snowskin dough to be ready, add your desired amount of  winter melon seeds to the Lotus paste filling

(8) Divide the Lotus-seed paste filling into each 25gm and roll it into a ball first

(9) Once snow skin dough is ready, divide each into 25gm, shaped into a ball and flattened it into a thin round disc.

(10) Place the ball of filling in the middle of the dough and seal the filling with the snowskin dough by wrapping around the fillings with your hands. Pinch edges to seal.

(11) Place snow skin ball into dusted (kou Fen) moon cake mould and press down so that the moon cake shape is formed and the face plate makes imprint.

(12) Depend on the type of mould you use, remove the shaped mooncake from the mould carefully. For the mould I'm using, hit on each side of the mould (mini mould) once and the mooncake will came out and viola..... out the beautiful shaped mooncake! Repeat with remaining dough.

(13) Keep the mooncakes chilled before serving.

The mini mooncake I made using the ratio of 25g dough to filling 25g.
Total 50g to fix into the mould (smaller mooncake mould) I’m using here
Above can make 30 over mini mooncakes

It's so fun to get together and make mooncakes.
I loved the entire mooncake making process and the end products. That's when everyone compliment it is nice, I just wanna make more mooncakes in days to come, as the festival is getting nearer.

I did make different flavour mooncake twice alone myself after, quite troublesome and time consuming to do it alone, cause I have to keep making a trip to wash cleanmy hands.

I arranged with another 2 secondary school gfs to make again on 16 August, they chose to make just the Lotus seed paste snowskin moodcakes.

I'm just aside guiding...lol

Even my dad and sis so liking my homemade mooncake that they wanna me to teach them and dad would sponsor me the ingredients, he wanna gives the mooncake to his friends. haha

So just last Sunday,  we got together with my dad, sis, 2 aunties and my cousin, huihui to make assorted snowskin mooncake at my place.
Dad drove us with 2 kids to Clementi for lunch  then to Phoon huat at Buona Vista since Clementi branch is smaller and doesn't has much ingredients left.
Here the end product of our assorted mooncakes... 
Pure Yam, Durian and Lotus-Seed. 
Didn't have time to make the fourth flavour 'Pandan Lotus', else it will look nicer in the box to give out to friend and relatives.

Total 12 boxes of mooncakes for friends and relatives

Aunt helping to prepare the boxes
Dad arranging the mooncakes

looks how happy my dad is

I have another order coming in from my in-law.
Will be doing 4 type of mooncake flavour, gonna starts shopping for the ingredients and do it again this Saturday.

You still have time to make your own mooncakes, so are you ready?! :D

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