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title: It's Junior Chef Lucus's 6th Birthday Party @ Polliwog
date: Tuesday, April 15, 2014
time : 5:16 PM

Attended Aisleyne's classmate, Lucus' 6th Birthday @ Vivo City Polliwog on 29th March
The girls were so excited, almost everyday would ask me when the day will come.
pretty much more that they can get to indoor playground

weeks before the party,
I have been asking Aisleyne, what toy does Lucus like,
I was in doubt when she told me he loves "Pony"
Is like serious? I didn't came across little boy who like pony.
Is it you like or Lucus like?! LOL

I kept reminding Aisleyne to check with Lucus again, I don't want to end up with his Mommy and Daddy thinking why the hell we get HIM a Pony.

Aisleyne was so frustrated that she has to keep repeating the same answer and why I kept wanting her to check with Lucus again and again.

Ok fine, so I asked their teacher instead.
Yes, Indeed was a shock!

So I made a trip down to Build-a-bear
most awkward is when the staff asked me to hold the pony's heart and made a wish. 
It was then to stuff in the pony
I feel like I were a kid and my bbf was laughing at me.

Took the cab down

our present to birthday boy

Want mommy to accompany......


Junior Chefs queuing up for their apron

bought along their pony too

each one was given a chef hat

wrote their name and decor the hat

Lazy Aisleyne, still don't wanna start on it

handsome birthday boy

Amabel's chef hat

group photos, uber cute...all the little angels


and putting on the gloves and get ready to make a pizza

she wants to make her own one, show no interest in teamwork
haiz... missy tantrum again

other ingredients were then given

Aisleyne show no interest to fight over the ingredient

until her teacher came

pizza ready to be sent to oven

children were jumping in joys when they heard about making
'Banana split ice-cream'

enjoying ice-cream

happy girls

Beautiful ponies cake
Cake cutting
everyone went WOW...including me

the kids got so excited and curious, each wanna have a piece of it,
I mean the ponies lol, started touching and taking the ponies off the cake

my helper' photography skill really cmi

Lucus opening up our present for him




with Aisleyne's best friend

Josephine chasing after Aisleyne to play with her, but Aisleyne super bo chap her,

The moment I turned back to take a photo of Aisleyne, Josephine was pulling her and begging her to play with her until Aisleyne was super fed up and cried.
And I got to rescue her

crying again

After that, we sent our ponies for brushing

begging me to buy her a new pony, Fluttershy
but I didn't!
I told her, not that you want, you cried and throwing missy tantrum and I will buy it for you.

now that I knew you like it, I will put it in your wishlist
if you behave well for the next few weeks or months and could earn yourself enough stickers,
I will get it for you

surround with all the friendly jiejie and korkor

then we went up to in-law's place to see my MIL, then get myself ready for wedding dinner.
Supposed to be a private wedding dinner so won't be posting any pics on that. 

many more posts and photos pending to be posted kept in the blog
don't have extra time to blog that frequent, wouldn't want to sacrifices my sleep too.
but will try to do so by upload the photos and draft the post a little at a time.

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2 Comment(s):

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, the cake is very pretty. Do you know where to get?

Saturday, April 19, 2014 2:53:00 PM  
Blogger Apple Toh said...

If I remember correctly, it is from http://www.cakeavenue.com/ :)but the figuring is bought by the mommy

Monday, April 21, 2014 5:00:00 PM  

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