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title: 7th.July Bucket Bag Giveaway
date: Thursday, May 28, 2015
time : 10:27 PM

7 t h . J U L Y ✨ a new addition to my bucket bag collection.

If you haven't see my ig post on this giveaway,
here to share the chance to win...
7th.July is having a giveaway for this bucket bag worth $105. 

Simply go to my instagram @2minidimples, look for the above photo post
1) Follow @7th.July 
2) Post under my IG post' comment on why you'd like to win this bag
3) Tag 3 friends
and I will choose a winner on 31 May 2015

I had mine in med size. I really adored its simplistic design, with an adjustable strap to wear multiple ways and with minimal hardware, so it is super lightweight to carry around all day.

It's also roomy enough to fit in all my stuff (long wallet, cosmetic pouch, healthy snack and water bottle or even some kids' stuff. It also come with a small little pouch strap to it.
Despite the weight, this bag still holds its shape, and even when it is empty.
Really great quality and sturdy.
And the idea of contrasting with red interiors lining, make it so pretty and tempting. 
Really a good size for my everyday essentials.

Thanks 7 t h . J U L Y for this giveaway!

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title: NAILSINC VVB VictoriaBeckham
date: Monday, May 25, 2015
time : 9:41 PM

Never would spend so much on a nail polish coz I won't keep it for long
as I always remove my nail polish whenever I've to prepare meal.

But the packaging is so luxe
 and the colour, Bamboo White is so gorgeous -
a off-white nude with a hint of pink, so pretty that it says, pick me up or you will regret.
I got it 20% discounted during the Sephora private sales.
Retail price at SGD$39
After trying on, the formula did won over. 
1) Though the first coat did gives me a lovely tint but it did streak a little but after 2nd coats, it is completely opaque, smooth and even; perfect finish with no streaks. ❤️
2) Most amazing part I like is its self-leveling 'stretch to fit' feature of brush, it is wide so it is easy to stay on the nails and get to the edges without going over as it fans out just so nicely on my nails. 
3) Dries very fast, really add a brownie point for a mom like me who can't wait with kids around

I didn't use basecoat or topcoat (didn't have timers wait for all of that to dry) and am very hard on my hands with all sorts of work, yet today on the 2nd days, I didn't see a single chip or scratch line yet which never happens on most other polishes alone. 👍



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title: [UPDATED] Slowing down aging in your 30s
date: Thursday, May 14, 2015
time : 11:55 AM

Am at my working hospital's clinic right now, waiting to indulge in a pampering skin treatment during my lunch for a busy working mom like me.

Maybe I should write something on this

At my thirty, I already has a family of my own, 2 precious girls, house of my own, career and can own anything that I can but that’s also the age I started losing one thing

“my youthful skin” and my what I thought “ever energetic body”

"Thirty is often the age when you start to see your looks changing...and not for the better,"
the corners of the mouth and eyes have started turning down just slightly, and will also start seeing slight facial jowls appearing and tear trough getting bad."

I’m now 34, I never ever touch on botox, filler or invasive cosmetic procedures/surgery but
I chose to work harder instead in restoring the collagen in my skin and building my facial muscles.
I actually started it when I’m pass thirty which I feel is pretty late already as approaching thirty is already when our reproductive hormone levels begin to taper off, where most women start notice hair loss, age spot skin conditions and loss of skin elasticity. Cells don't turn over as quickly like in the twenties, the skin's outer cells don't slough off as easily, so skin isn't renewed as efficiently, these affecting the moisture and hence collagen production and giving way to dull and sagging skin.

Same for the health,
is only in thirties when I suffered from hormonal imbalance and health issue then I know how to appreciate and how important it is to take care of my own body, health, and potential to be happy – which I did make lot of changes to achieve it for the past 3 years.
Juggling career and the children and households like 24/7, is never easy but now I always make healthy habits a priority.

So everyone is going to see some changes in her thirties due to hormonal shifts.
Even if you've taken good care of your skin, you'll probably start noticing fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes and mouth.

It's just how we age. Isn’t it!

But to prevent it from getting worse than it can be, there are numerous weapons in battle against ageing on halting the start of fine lines and wrinkles. It's never too early to begin protecting your skin, even when there's no sagging skin or a wrinkle in sight. Young women in their 20s should begin a lifetime of healthy habits - such as having healthy diet, healthy sleep pattern and not smoking - all these can slow down the skin's aging process, not only that, it promote better health.

I don’t consume collagen drink anymore, because I don’t wanna put in anything I unsure of into my body. But fret not; there are non-invasive skin treatments, which I had tried – like Radiofrequency and LHE Technology which help slow down skin ageing.
In another few more years, I may even need Ultherapy or Thermage.

Now, find out how I take care of it using Radiancy LHE Technology
LHE Technology (Light & Heat Energy) is a non-invasive, non-abrasive treatment, very relaxing and pain-free treatment with no downtime and has clinically proven results which safely deliver effective and safe skin care. Its inherent safety and flexibility enables it to be used for a wide variety of applications; Psoriasis Care, Acne Clearance, Skin Tightening, Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkle Reduction, Collagen Renewal, Vascular and Pigmented Lesion Treatments and Hair Removal.

Everyone knows that age and sun diminished collagen. 
Radiancy Skin Rejuvenation and Collage Renewal uses pulsed of LHE energy (Lower frequency of light and heat energies), directed at the cell, this LHE creates a mild thermal insult to the dermal/epidermal junction. The thermal trauma triggers a wound-heal response and initiating the process of stimulating new collagen growth under the undamaged layer that will help replenish and even out the shrunken dermis layer. The creation of new collagen and connective material caused by the thermal insult and subsequent fibroblast activation (*Fibroblasts are the cells of connective tissue responsible for making the collagen and elastin fiber cells found in the connective tissue of the dermis) occurs over a period of a few weeks to a few months. This wound healing response leads to improvement in skin texture and the smoothing of fine lines. 
Hence, it improves my skin texture, tone and smooth away fine line, wrinkles, shrinks my pores and skin appears firmer, as collagen rebuilds.

LHE creates a mild thermal insult to the dermal/epidermal junction.

The thermal trauma triggers a wound-heal response and new collagen remodels under the undamaged layer.

It is suitable for most skin types and skin tones.
I always come here for Radiancy Skin Rejuvenation and Collage Renewal nowadays, as it is a pretty low cost skin treatment especially for me being a staff here.

What to expect during the session?
The nurse will cleanse my face to remove all impurities to allow the LHE to better penetrate into my skin during the process. Due to the brightness of the light emitted, my eyes will be covered for my comfort. As the LHE applicator is placed onto my skin, I could feel on that administered area with pulses of light and slightly warm heat sensation as it penetrates deep into your skin. The treatment is performed on the entire surface of my face, focusing on the areas that need additional attention. After the treatment, it will be completed with a customized application of masking selected for my skin’s need. Follow on with serum and sunblock.

 the nurse did a mask for me after the skin treatment
that eye...eeeerie
time to rest my eyes, calm my mind in that soothing music.

Overall, the treatment is very comfortable and relaxing with soothing music played to calm my mind. There may be a small percentage of people who may encounter the same as me; not always though, but sometime my skin is a little sensitive (due to the retinoid I used) so after treatment, minor redness may be present but it subside quickly within half hour.
This is really an excellent facial treatment for a busy working mom like me to be able to pamper myself in an hour lunch break and back to office feeling more beautiful with younger looking skin.
I do this treatment as maintenance once a month.
I used to go radiofrequency (read here - also an non-invasive, pain-free and no downtime treatment) which I did once a month or every 2 months in the past until I found this lower cost LHE treatment which works almost the same but it uses a lower frequency energy so the result achieved may not be as drastic as Radiofrequency.So still whenever I can on a weekend (once every 2 or 3 months), I will go to Dr Steven Ang for Radiofrequency for a more intense boosting of my skin’ collagen.

How much does it cost?
I paid $107 inclusive of GST) for every 2 sessions as a staff price 
For non-staff, it is $107 for a session I think.

and when I get acnes I will go for Radiancy LHE Acne Phototherapy to target my problem.

LHE Acne Phototherapy

What I found on a source –
by combining direct heat with the light pulse, LHE further raises the temperature inside the follicle affecting a much faster chemical reaction time than light alone would generate. The generated heat also aids in reducing inflammation, opens pores and soothes the pain often associated with acne.


How LHE Acne Phototherapy Works

Light is drawn to the melanin in the hair, raising the temperature of the hair follicle.

LHE clears acne safely and effectively with a series of concentrated pulses of light and heat. The green wavelength light penetrates deep into the skin to cause an increase in porphyrins, resulting in the destruction of P .acnes.

The red wavelength produces anti-inflammatory results. The addition of heat, unique to LHE, increases the effectiveness by opening the skin pores and promoting a faster chemical reaction.

In clinical trials LHE has demonstrated up to 90% clearance of acne lesions after a 4 week treatment course with bi-weekly treatments.If you are suffering from acnes, maybe can give this LHE Acne Phototherapy or Salicylic peel which I preferred more for a try.

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