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title: My eyelashes // fuller // longer
date: Friday, August 24, 2012
time : 2:26 PM

Been using the eyelash growth drops for more than 3 months, now am starting to use it every alternate day rather than every nights as a maintenance, wanna save cost too as it doesn't come cheap - lashes fullness almost doubled and increased very much in length, almost 30% or 40% longer, don't how much longer but definitely is much longer than before lol~. Regret never take before using pic, or let me search for it again whether there is any (when I'm more free). But one bad thing about this is, I noticed a little darker (believe is pigment caused by the solution, this is one of the side effect some user may face) in skin tone at the lashlines. But well, I don't really care about that, I just want fuller and longer lashes now.

 p/s: enlarged pic

Went to facial done at aesthetic clinic during lunch too. That's is the only time I can go for face treatment nowadays. What to do!! 😁😁
 p/s: bad resolution cause of the room lighting

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